Sankyo LXL-225

Sankyo LXL-225
marketed in 1974
lens: Sankyo Zoom f: 1.2 \ F: 10.5-26 mm
exposure: auto and manual exposure control; TTL EE, CdS cell
aperture range: f/1.2 to f/22
film speed: auto for 25/40 and 100/160 ASA only (daylight/tungsten)
filming speed: 18 fps
exposure time: 1 /30 second at 18 fps
power source: 4 x AA batteries only
made in Japan by Sankyo Seiki

More info at Super8Data.

IMGP5179 IMGP5176


2 thoughts on “Sankyo LXL-225

  1. I just bought one of these literally 5 minutes ago..really excited to try it out..
    But im not sure what type of film to use…
    any helpful suggestions?

    Thanks 馃檪

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